Advantages of Togan Tip Up Seat :

Togan is developed based anthropometric measurements of human ergonomy with the support of universities in Turkey.

Togan's new design allows combination of 3 colors in one seat. One as seat, one as backrest and one as cover of rod underneath the seat. The cover has significant role in avoiding rust. 

Togan can be assembled to minimum 38 cm step height to ensure 45 cm seating height for ideal pitch view.

In closed position, step mounted Togan only occupies 23,20 cm. This leaves 58,80 minimum space for the passage to reduce evacuation timing up to %65 during emergencies.

Togan has 36,60 cm backrest height in round shape form that offers great comfort and %20 more height to be used as crash barriers.

The pattern on the surface of Togan prevents spectators from slipping from the seat while sitting.

As FIFA suggested ( ) , Togan is an invidiual , numbered, fixed to the conrete, unbreakable, durable and fire resistant seat with more than 30 cm  seat height. 

Aluminum numbering visible when seat is in closed position.

Seats fixed to the conrete in minimum 4 points with stainless steel screws.

Seats are produced with gas assisted injection technology without any usage of metal. This production method allows seat to resist 200.000 cycles of force while European norms accepts only 40.000 cycles for EN 12772 level 4 (highest rank). 

Seats have standard fire resistant additive , comply with UL94 V2 standards. 

Backrest height from seat is 36,55 cm which is highest backrest of a tip up seat in the market.

Produced with %100 virgin copolymer PP with UV additives. 3 years warranty against sun fade. Greyscale grade 5 result for EN ISO 4892-2 test. 

Corrosion resistant life-time.  

More durable than any other tip up seats due to exclusion of steel and aluminum parts.

Our products have TS EN 12727 & TSE EN 13200-4 certificates and our company has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Seat design is protected by Utility Model Registration and Petty Patent.

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