Ethical Principles

Our Ethical Principles

Ethical principles are an important factor both for the success of our company and for personal success. It is the responsibility of our managers to create an environment that complies with ethical principles in all units of Yücel A.Ş. In this context, our managers,

• First of all, accepting the importance of ethical principles and adhering to all conditions,

• Set an example for employees with their behavior and thoughts,

• Adopts the ethical principles to be established and kept alive in the company as its primary responsibility,

• Works to establish the company culture and to adopt the norms and values ​​and principles they have to comply with,

• Creates an environment where its staff will not hesitate to bring ethical issues as well as problems in all transactions of the company, and where they can communicate openly; and

• He always acts consistently in his behavior and decisions.

Our company carries out its activities in line with the ethical rules specified by legal and administrative regulations in order to increase social and economic benefits in the market where it is active, to behave fairly and honestly in its relations with other companies, customers and its employees, and to avoid unfair competition. Managers and employees should do their part to keep the reputation of our company and shareholders at the highest level by considering these core values ​​in all kinds of relationships.

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