Energy and Environmental Policy

Our Energy and Environment Policy
Recycling the plastics left to the nature by recycling and using them in the production process is an important factor both for the success of our company and for keeping the nature clean.

Materials of plastic origin, which are described as materials of the 21st century; it is seen everywhere because of its many advantages such as ease of use, lightness, flexibility, easy workability, recycling and being economical.

Plastics are claimed to pollute the environment. However, defile is a result of human behavior. We need to take precautions for those who throw plastic bags, bottles and other plastic packaging materials to the sea or nature, raise the awareness of our society, and it is not the right approach to declare plastics that are used “uncontrolled” and left in a beautiful environment. After all, plastics should be the place of recycling, not nature. Although this awareness has been largely established in the world, it has not been fully implemented in our country.

It is important to underline that plastics are the most environmentally friendly products that consume the least amount of energy in the production and recycling stages. Plastics, which provide great advantages in many respects, are also light materials, thus providing significant savings in transportation.

The Importance of Recycling;

1. It provides protection of our natural resources.

2. It helps us to save energy.

3. It provides ease in garbage processes by reducing the amount of waste.

4. Recycling helps us invest in the future and the economy.

Firstly, the need for raw materials is reduced by adding the consumed materials into the recycling ring. Thus, the increase in consumption in parallel with the increase in the human population is prevented from disturbing the natural balance and damage to the nature. However, the use of recyclable materials as raw materials makes it possible to save a large amount of energy.

YÜCEL AŞ, which has been producing by using 'Environmentally Friendly Production Technologies' since its foundation, has been working towards this purpose with its R&D studies, projects, experienced technical team, and its production processes to be environmentally friendly with its experienced technical team. continues to develop.

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